New Year’s Resolutions

January 16th, 2008

Last year, I remember writing something interesting on my myspace blog at the beginning of last year…and it’s pretty relevent…

“i decided NOT to eat the good luck beans. (sorry grama dee). but yes it’s true…i BOYCOTTED THE BEANS this year. every year i religiously eat the damn good luck beans. and every year life gets a little bit worse. so to hell with the beans in 2007.

also, i was told by my best friend’s aunt today, that whatever i do today, i’ll spend the year doing…SO…i made sure i got out of bed…showered…cleaned the house…put away the distractions…and spent time with my dear friend. and did not worry about work. so let’s hope that this is a year full of getting out of bed, showering, keeping things clean, avoiding the distractions, spending time with dear friends, and not worrying about work.

resolutions have been made.

the journey of 2007 begins.
it’s going to an amazing one.
i just know it.
i also had a dream that i would meet my soulmate this year.
so that would be pretty cool if that really happens.

alright, off to bed. (that’s another resolution…end the day before a new one starts…it’s 11:57pm and i’ve only got three minutes before i turn into a pumpkin…)

off i go.
happy new year, dear friends.”

So, I think that avoiding Grama Dee’s good luck beans, turned out pretty well for me. 2007 was indeed an amazing year. It was a year of change, and all of it was great. I quit my job in February, and started my new one in March. It’s been a really good change for me. I now have time to LIVE, not just work.

I also…believe it or not…met my soulmate this year (if you believe in that sort of thing). Christopher and I have been going strong for a year now, and being with him gets more amazing every day.

So since those two resolutions from 2007 were miraculously met…

I decided to make some new ones for 2008.

One of them being to write in this blog much more often. So we’ll see how it goes…

Happy New Year, Friends.
Here’s to a great 2008!!!

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